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Since 1980, SICE is in Italy and the world the expression of the prestigious Italian engineering of Telecommunications and is a world leader in the construction of telecommunications equipment, counting a production of over one million manufactured devices.

SICE builds Hiperlan equipment, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Proximity Devices, Laserlink, radio links PDH / SDH, Bridges Radio Broadcast and OEM radio modules up to 43 GHz.

Thanks to a prestigious Department of Research and Development, SICE Also designs and Produces major international caliber systems in the field of Air Traffic Control and Naval, of ‘Homeland Security, the Military Defense of the Environment and the Environment and has the ownership of several patents Relating to the security of broadcasting Both radio and optical.


In 1980 it was founded SICE, Italian Construction Company Electronics, Which is now offering as a pioneering company in the field of telecommunications and pioneer in the development of new and emerging technologies.
Initially SICE designs and manufactures microwave radio links for the two broadcast TV industry where to the reliability of its products, is incendio immediately Achieve leadership in the field.

The continuous technological research Allows SICE to diversify its product catalog by building digital radio links, laser bridges and to develop OEM projects for major Italian and international manufacturers.

The authoritative department of Research and Development of SICE is always looking for original and innovative solutions; the steady deepening of the latest technology, combined with the experience of over 30 years in electronics and telecommunications, Allowing the firm to develop integrated products and high added value.


SICE is Also incendio customize equipment and subassemblies, starting from the specific or even by a simple idea of ​​the customer.
The solutions developed by SICE are the result of the synthesis of different skills ranging from RF design up to 43 GHz, to analyzes using simulators, to system testing, digital signal processing until the device firmware design and software configuration and management.

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